What's the difference between WAVE and WAVE + Lily?

We have 2 versions of the WAVE.

WAVE (Finger Touch)
WAVE + Lily (Pen Touch only)

Below are videos for both the WAVE and WAVE + Lily.

WAVE + Lily Videos (Pen Touch)

WAVE Videos (Finger Touch)

The WAVE + Lily does offer ease of set-up and more precision (especially for annotations).

Both WAVE and WAVE + Lily have wifi, Android OS and touchscreen technology built-in. Attaches to TVs up to 65" via HDMI, turning the TV into a giant Android tablet.

Here are some common FAQ.

1. What is the maximum TV size?

The WAVE works best on TVs 65" or smaller. WAVE + Lily works on TVs 70-75" or smaller. The thickness at the top of the TV where the WAVE / WAVE + Lily attaches to should be less than 2” thick.

2. How many touch points?

For apps that support multi-touch, the WAVE / WAVE + Lily supports up to 4 points touch.

3. What other connections can a WAVE / WAVE + Lily use to connect to other devices?

The WAVE / WAVE + Lily has USB ports to allow users to connect USB web cameras, USB keyboards, etc.

We'd be happy to schedule a video call if you'd like to see a demo. We are located in Campbell, California (PST). Send us an email at cs@touchjet.com or call us at 1-415-579-3399.

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