How can I use the Touchjet WAVE in the classroom

The Touchjet WAVE (Finger Touch) attaches to the classroom TV up to 65" via HDMI. The WAVE turns the classroom TV into a giant Android tablet for small group collaboration. Download the apps you currently use in the classroom directly on the WAVE via the Google Play store. Now students can use the same apps on the giant touchscreen. 

Small Group Collaboration - Students actively exchange, debate, and negotiate ideas within groups. Students learn to think critically by engaging in discussion and taking responsibility for their learning.

Student led teaching - Communication skills are essential for a student’s successful future career, and is a much sought-after quality in today’s competitive world.


Real-time collaboration - Touchjet allows students and teachers to collaborate on the giant touchscreen and on their individual tablet and chromebooks. Students can either go up to the giant touchscreen and participate on their device at their desk.


Solving Problems as a group - students are already using education apps on their tablet in school (which is more for individual consumption and learning). Once those same apps are on the giant touchscreen, students are learning and solving problems together. They’re communicating and sharing ideas with their classmates.


After School Programs - Engage a wide range of active students across multiple ages using different apps to reinforce class lessons in a fun and collaborative environment.


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