Can I use my iPhone or iPad with the Touchjet WAVE + Lily (Pen Touch)?

The Touchjet  WAVE + Lily has wifi, Android OS and touchscreen technology built-in. The WAVE + Lily attaches to flatscreen TVs up to 65" via HDMI, turning the TV into a giant Android tablet.


Even though the WAVE + Lily is an Android device, there are options to use iOS devices with the WAVE + Lily.


Smart Remote Control - Besides touching the big screen, we also offer a free Touchjet Mobile app so that users can control the big screen on their smart devices (iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet). Users can be freely walking around in the meeting room, classroom or at home and be able to control the big screen.  The Touchjet Mobile app acts as a keyboard, microphone for voice commands, touchpad and can also be used to quickly share a file onto the big screen without having to connect a computer or access the Cloud


Mirroring - The best way to use the WAVE + Lily is to download Android apps directly on the device, but users can also use mirroring apps (Splashtop, TeamViewer, etc) to mirror their iPhone, iPad and MACs to the WAVE + Lily. 

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