How to set-up the WAVE + Lily (Pen Touch)

Step 1

Gently clean the screen, frame and back of your TV to remove dust or dirt before installing the WAVE + Lily.

Find the center of your TV. Many models have their logo centered at the top or bottom, which you can use for reference.

Twist and loosen the Bracing Knob on the side of the Stabilizing Arm so that the Bracing Rod can move freely.

Add the velcro tape to the Velcro Pad. Do not remove the protective film from the adhesive strip yet.



Step 2

Center and secure the Android box

Add the Extended Base to bottom of the Android Box

Mount the Android Box to the top of your TV. Center of Android box should be aligned to the center of TV.






Press the Bracing Rod firmly onto the back of the TV. There should be no gap. Tighten the Bracing Knob to fasten the rod in place.




Remove the protective film from the velcro tape attached to the Velcro Pad and keeping the Android Box in place. Press it firmly onto the back of your TV.





Step 3

Connect to HDMI and power



Insert one end of your HDMI Cable into the HDMI Port on the back of the Android Box, and the other into an HDMI port on your TV. Note: Ensure cable is firmly plugged in.

WAVE + Lily AC Adapter

Insert the DC plug on the WAVE + Lily AC Adapter cord into the DC input connector on the back of the Android Box. Note: the plug will not go all the way into the box, do not try to push it in further.

Insert the AC plug into a 120V AC power outlet. We recommend plugging your WAVE + Lily into a power strip so that you can easily turn the device on and off.





Step 4

Connect the WAVE arm


Connect the WAVE Arm to the top of the Android Box by carefully placing the lip at the base of the arm into the rectangular slot atop the box. The WAVE Arm should snap into place so that there is no gap between the arm and the box.


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