How to Set-Up Wifi on the WAVE + Lily (Pen Touch)

Setting up Wi-Fi


There are two options to set up Wi-Fi on the WAVE + Lily. You can set up the Wi-Fi directly on the WAVE + Lily using Pen Touch, or use the Touchjet Mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.


Setup Via the WAVE + Lily:


On the WAVE + Lily, tap Settings / See All Settings / Wi-Fi

Select your Wi-Fi network from the list.

Tap on the empty field below the Password heading to bring up the virtual keyboard. Enter your network’s password. Tap Connect to complete the Wi-Fi connection.



Setup via the Touchjet Mobile app:


In the Touchjet Mobile app, tap Settings.

Select your Wi-Fi network and enter password. Tap on Save Wi-Fi Settings.



The app will lose connection to the WAVE + Lily and reconnect after both the WAVE + Lily and your smartphone has connected to the Wi-Fi network.


Setup for your WAVE + Lily is now complete. You can start downloading apps from Google Play.


Either use the Lily Digital Pen to navigate the screen or use the Touchjet Mobile app on your smartphone as a smart remote.


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