How to calibrate your WAVE

Once you have aligned your WAVE's infrared laser wall and paired the WAVE with a smart remote, you can start calibration.

1. In the Settings menu of the Touchjet App, press Start Calibration.

SelectSettings.png   SelectSettingsGearGrey.png   SelectCalibrationGrey.png

You can now set aside your phone or tablet, as the next few steps will be done directly on your TV screen using touch.

You are about to teach your WAVE where it will find the borders of your screen and what to perceive as touch. As such, it is important to avoid sending the WAVE unwanted IR signals during calibration. You should make sure no very bright lights shine on your screen during the process, and that you minimize movements off to the sides of the TV until you finish. For best results, stand in front of your TV and press the indicated circles on the screen with one finger, straight on.


2. Touch the first point on the screen until the dot turns from white to yellow, then lift your finger from the screen. You should repeat this process for all five dots that appear.


3. After the fifth point turns yellow, wait for the calibration to complete and then tap the button that reads Press to Finish to complete calibration.


Once the calibration process is completed, you can fully use the touch functionality of the WAVE, or continue to use the Touchjet App on your smartphone/tablet as a smart remote.

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