WAVE quick fix guide

This article is a list of quick checks to make if your WAVE is having difficulty calibrating or returning a calibration error, showing no colored light on the IR sensor, or if the touch display has dead zones. Following these steps will reset your WAVE's mounting position, check for damaged lights and a working IR sensor, and prep your unit for calibration.


1. Detach your WAVE from your TV. Twist the Angle Adjustment Knob on top of the Android Box clockwise until you hear it click.


  • If it becomes hard to twist, you've gone too far.
  • It takes about seven full rotations of the knob to click from being completely detached. If you've twisted more than that with no click, the screw is likely detached. Simply press the knob down a bit and twist it so that the thread of the screw will catch.

2. Seat the Android Box on top of your TV, make sure it's flush with the screen frame and that the velcro and Bracing Rod are holding it firmly in place. Instructions here

3. Connect to HDMI & Power, seat the Camera Arm, then check underneath the Android box for three blinking red lights. One in the middle, and one angled out on each of the left and right sides. If you check all sides and see less than three lights, it can mean a defective or damaged unit. Please contact us at cs@touchjet.com and let us know you referred to this article.

4. Hold the IR sensor up to a bright light somewhere nearby (a lightbulb in the room or a smartphone flashlight work well). All three colored lights should come on. If they do not, please contact us at cs@touchjet.com and tell us that your sensor's light will not come on. If the lights come on, your WAVE is ready for calibration.


You can continue setup by referring to our article on how to use the IR sensor.

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