Can I use my iPhone?

With the Touchjet App, you can use your iPhone or Android smartphone as an interactive smart remote control for both the Touchjet WAVE™ and Touchjet Pond™ projector (connect the smartphone and Touchjet device to the same wifi network).

Install the Touchjet App on your smartphone either from the App Store or Google Play.

Update Pond Firmware

Please follow the below instructions to update the Firmware on your Pond projector to start using the Touchjet App. Please note that you'll need to re-install apps that you previously downloaded. If you login to the same Google Account, you'll be able to easily re-install your apps.

1. Go to Settings --> Factory Reset

2. Download the file Update.img from the below link onto a USB thumb drive.

3. Connect the USB thumb drive with a micro USB / USB cable to the Pond

3. Follow instructions on the screen to install the Firmware

Once the firmware is updated, you can start using the Touchjet App on your iPhone or Android smartphone as a remote control.

Download the Touchjet App onto your Smartphone from the Apple App Store or Google Play. 


Connecting the Touchjet App with your Pond

1. Connect your smartphone to your Pond's Wi-Fi network if the wifi is not already set-up on the Pond. If your smartphone and Pond is already on the same Wi-Fi network, please skip this step. 

2. Open the Touchjet App on your smartphone. The app should automatically connect to your Pond. If it doesn’t automatically connect, select your Touchjet Pond device under Touchjet Devices.


Your Touchjet App is now connected with your Touchjet device.


Using the Touchjet App as a Remote Control

a. Apps mode - list of apps downloaded on the Pond. Tap on the app to launch it on the Pond.

b. Remote mode - shortcuts, touch pad and keyboard

c. Use the Touch Pad / trackpad to navigate the Pond. Tap to select.

d. Keyboard will appear when entering text is required.

e. Settings mode - volume (f), calibration (g), air mouse (g), wifi control (h)

Shortcut buttons in Remote mode:

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