Instructions to Lock Apps in Landscape Mode

If you have apps that are rotating vertically, please follow the below instructions to update the Firmware. Once the Firmware is updated, apps will be locked in landscape mode.


Items needed:

  • PC or Mac connected to the internet (not provided)
  • A formatted USB Drive with at least 1GB capacity (not provided)
  • USB Cable to connect projector to USB Drive (provided in box)

1. Click on the link below to download firmware.

2. Save the file (update.img) to your USB Drive (or save it to your Desktop, and then drag the file from your desktop to the USB Drive)

3. Using the included USB cable, connect the USB drive to the Pond  

4. Follow instructions on the Pond Screen.

The below message will appear. Click Install.

The update will take a few minutes and will re-boot your Pond.

5. Once the firmware update has completed, the below screen will appear. Click on Yes, to delete the file.

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