Will the device receive software updates?

The device will not receive software updates on a firmware level, but as with any Android device, you will be able to install and update the apps. We will upgrade the Android system over time and you’ll be able to upgrade it on your device as well—however this will require certain manual operations and we will provide step by step instructions on how to upgrade.

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    Have you abandoned the Pond entirely? My Android version is still 4.4.2 and there appears to be no way to update this. It also means that it is using an old version of the Google Store, so I can't update apps either and many of them no longer work

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    John Andres

    I am needing Andriod 5.0 in order to use the one app that I purchased the Pond for. If yall are able to get it updated, I will potentially be purchasing 20 or so more. Unfortunately I cannot test it out until I can update Android on this Pond.

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