Who do I contact if my Touchjet Pond Projector is not working properly or has been damaged?

If you have any problems please first be sure that you have registered your projector and then reach out to our Customer Service at cs@atouchjet.com.

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    Ramon Truyols

    My TouchPond is not working after a reset (two happy penguins on screen), I cannot switch it off.

    The two pencils were not working neither, they got extremely hot when filled with the batteries.

    The projector gets quite hot as well.


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    Desperately trying to get in touch with any Support for months.
    I emailed several times and posted several messages on the Campaign page without any success... Giving a try here.
    So my TouchJet Pond is no longer booting and only displays a black screen after showing the TouchJet startup logo for few seconds.
    What shall I do ? (I am based in Hong Kong).

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