How to use the WAVE's Infrared Sensor

This article explains how to use the Infrared Sensor to align the WAVE's laser wall parallel to a TV during setup.

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This article assumes that your WAVE is already mounted on your TV with the camera arm attached and power plugged in.

How does it work?

The Infrared Sensor lights up its colored LEDs when it detects a strong enough infrared signal. During setup, it will show you where your WAVE's IR laser wall is relative to your TV screen. In a good setup, the laser signal will be perfectly parallel to your screen. The Infrared Sensor is not necessary after initial setup for the WAVE to function. All it does is show the location of the laser wall, and it can safely be returned to the box after setup is complete.


How to use the sensor:

Place the Sensor against the bottom of the TV frame. The lights should be facing up toward the WAVE unit and the arrows on the sensor should point toward your screen. The color of light it displays will indicate which direction to adjust the signal.


Green Light - indicates that the laser wall is in the correct position.


Red Light - slowly turn the Angle Adjustment Knob counterclockwise until the sensor turns green.


Yellow Light - can indicate that you have adjusted too far. Twist the knob clockwise until the light turns green. 


No Light - ensure that the WAVE arm is snapped into place tightly, and that the WAVE is flush with your TV frame. If the problem persists after checking those, you can take the sensor off of your TV and hold it a few inches out to see if you can find the signal (any color). It may just be a little further away than the edge of your screen. If you find it like this, follow the instructions for a Red Light until the signal is close enough that it can be detected with the Sensor touching the TV screen.


Troubleshooting notes:

If you have any troubleshooting questions, please contact us at for support.

Suggestions for some more common cases are below:

If the lights blink instead of appearing solid:  Continue setup. This is normal and has no negative effect the WAVE's touch features.

If several lights appear at once on a smaller screen (< 30"):  Try to calibrate anyway. This just means that the signal is particularly strong.

If twisting the knob as instructed for Red or Yellow lights causes the light to move away from Green rather than toward it:  Please refer to this article. The cause is very likely a reflected light wall.

If your TV has a very thick bezel and will not calibrate well: try moving the light to mixed green and yellow for exceptionally thick screen frames (0.5"+ from the screen). For ultrathin frames (1-2mm) try a mixed red and green reading before calibrating.

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