How to share files from the Touchjet App to a WAVE

This article explains how to upload pictures, videos, and other files to your WAVE using the Touchjet App

Click here for instructions to connect the WAVE to the Touchjet App

1. Open the app on a paired smart remote, Open the File Upload Menu in the Touchjet App by tapping the white arrow in the top right corner.


2. To upload Photos, tap the bottom left icon. For Videos, select the middle bottom icon. This will open your smart remote's photo library. You can select the media you wish to upload from here.

SelectPhotoOrVideoGrey.png   SelectPictureGrey.png

3. To upload media to your WAVE from Cloud storage, select the file upload icon on the bottom right, then select the Cloud service you wish to upload from. Note: your device may prompt you to log in using the Cloud service's login method.

SelectCloudUploadGrey.png   SelectCloudServiceGrey.png

3a. Additional Cloud Storage services can be added. Select More.


Flip the switch of the service you wish to add. Press Done, and the new Cloud service will appear in the list

   SelectExtraCloudLocationGrey.png   SelectCloudDoneGrey.png   SelectCloudService2Grey.png

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