How to connect a WAVE to Wi-Fi using the WAVE's settings menu

This article explains how to connect a WAVE to Wi-Fi using the device's internal settings menu

To set up Wi-Fi using this method, you will need to either calibrate the WAVE or use an external input device, like a USB mouse. We do not recommend doing this during initial setup while using a smart remote, as the WAVE will disconnect itself from the paired remote to attempt connecting to the wireless network. If it fails to connect due to a mistyped password or something similar, the WAVE may need to be turned off and on again in order to re-broadcast its signal.

Click here for first-time setup instructions.

1. From the WAVE's home screen. Select Settings in the bottom left, then See All Settings.



2. Select Wi-Fi from the menu, then select your network from the list. Input your password, and press Connect. Your WAVE will connect to the network.


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