Connecting the WAVE to the Touchjet App for initial set-up

In order to use the touch functionality of the WAVE, it is necessary to navigate to the calibration menu. We recommend using the free Touchjet App on a smartphone or tablet to do this during initial setup. The app is available for iOS or Android via the Apple App Store, Google Play, or the Amazon Appstore. This article explains how to connect the two devices

1. Download the free Touchjet App using your smartphone or tablet. You will use this as a smart remote to complete the setup process for the WAVE.

Touchjet_App_Icon.png   Apple_Store_Download_Badge.png   Google_Play_Store_Badge.png

2. Go to your phone or tablet's Wi-Fi settings menu and connect to the same Wi-Fi network your WAVE is using. The network's name (SSID) will appear in the top right corner of your WAVE's display. In the below image, the network is named "Snowboard" Note: If your wave is not connected to a local Wi-Fi network, it will broadcast its own, following the format Touchjet WAVE-XXXX. e.g. "Touchjet WAVE-71E6"


3. Open the Touchjet App on your smartphone or tablet. It should go straight to the device list. Simply tap on your device to connect.


If your device does not appear, open the menu by tapping the three white lines in the top left, navigate to the device list. Tap Touchjet WAVE-XXXX to connect the two devices (see right image). You may need to refresh the page using the button in the top right corner and wait a moment for the WAVE to appear on the device list.

SelectSettingsGrey.png   SelectDeviceListGrey.png

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