WAVE parts and pre-installation

Before installing your WAVE, please do the following to ensure the setup is stable and the box prepped for calibration once mounted. You can refer to the Components Diagram at the bottom of this page.


1. Gently clean the screen, frame and back of your TV to remove dust or dirt.

2. Find the center of your TV. Note: many models have a their logo centered at the top or bottom. You can use this for reference.

3. Twist the Angle Adjustment Knob on the top of the Android Box clockwise until it clicks, then twist about one-half rotation back counterclockwise.

4. Twist the Bracing Knob on the side of the Stabilizing Arm 2-3 rotations counterclockwise so that the Bracing Rod can move freely.

5. Add the included Velcro Tape to the Velcro Pad. Do not remove the protective film yet.



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