How to resolve the Pond in reboot mode?

The below steps should only be taken after communicating with Touchjet Support at


1. Download the PondFix file to your computer and then extract the files.

2. Open the DriverAssistant_v4.4 Folder. Double click on DriverInstall.exe to install.

3. Click “Install Driver” to start installing POND drivers.

4. Click “Install” on pop-up confirmations.

5. Click “Ok” then close the driver assistant.

6. Connect your fully charged POND to your PC with a USB cable, then turn on the POND.

7. Open a Windows Command Prompt (Tap on “Windows” key and type cmd)

8. In the Windows Command Prompt, type cd (add a space after cd). Drag the platform-tools folder into Command Prompt window and then press ENTER.

9. Type in adb devices (to make sure that the POND can be discovered by the PC) and press ENTER

10. Type in adb reboot bootloader and press ENTER. This sets the POND to bootloader mode. The POND will project a black screen after this command which is absolutely normal.

11. Open the folder RockChip_Batch_Tool_v1.8 and double click on RKBatchTool.exe.

12. After the RKBatchTool opens, tap top right button to select file.

13. Wait for Firmware to finish loading and then tap on Upgrade. This will flash the firmware onto the POND.

     Please do not interrupt this process. It will take a few minutes. POND will reboot automatically. 

Once you see the home screen on the Pond, the Firmware Upgrade has been completed. You can now also use the Touchjet App on your iPhone, iPad or Android smart devices as a smart remote control. 



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