How to update the Firmware on the WAVE to get Google Play integration?

Instructions for manually installing the updated firmware with Google Play integration on your WAVE

Minor upgrades will be automatically pushed to your WAVE, but sometimes, there are some major system updates that require users to update the firmware on the WAVE manually.

This firmware update has Google Play integration allowing users to download apps from the Play Store.

Download the firmware file onto a USB thumb drive (format to FAT32). Please download as a ZIP file. Do not unzip.

2. Insert the USB thumb drive into the 2nd USB port (lower port) on the back of the WAVE.

3. Launch the UPDATE&BACKUP app

4. Select both WIPE DATA and WIPE MEDIA (Important step to remove all existing data, apps and accounts from your WAVE)

Tap Select and tap on the file

Tap Update to start firmware update process.


5. Follow instructions on the screen. The update will take a few minutes.

6. Once completed, calibrate your WAVE and set-up the Wi-Fi.  After Wi-Fi is connected, tap on the Play Store to sign-in to an existing account or sign-up for a new account, and start downloading your favorite apps to the WAVE.


For any questions regarding the Firmware update, please email support at



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